Update your WordPress Website to Show of Your Business Prowess

Local Plano Website Updates

Often times a local business needs to simply update their website.  There may be no need to pay for a new website when you only need a few small adjustments.

But who can you trust to do a local website update?  We’re glad you asked!

At Blue Mule Marketing we can help do the little things that will make a huge difference in your local website presence and we can prove it with a digital report.

Local Plano Website Updates

Keeping your website updated is much more critical than you may think.  Over 90% of all website hack-jobs come from an easy access point such as old plugins, old themes and old security tools which are easy to get around.

When you website has been hacked you are looking at a serious inconvenience.  Google may even take your site down and give you only a day or two to get if fixed before they bury it in the search results.

This will cost you a small fortune in local website placement, authority and of course new leads.

Upodating your website may be just what you need to stop small issues from becoming bigger ones.

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