Website Maintenance, Security and Updates Included

Our Packages Include Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance, Security and Updates Are included in all Our Marketing Packages

You heard right! Doesn’t it only makes sense to protect your online investment? Well, with all our SEO packages we include basic maintenance, security and monthly backups of your website.

This means you can rest assured that your new website will have safeguards in place to:

  • Help prevent online attacks and malicious software installs
  • Backup all your website files in a safe and secure location
  • Keep up with online and software updates and help prevent unsecured openings 
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Monthly Website Maintenence Schedules

We take our job very seriously. That’s why we invest on the latest cutting-edge design and strategies in every area. For example, we have the theme gallery which features new designs based upon what’s new among the principles of web design.  We also incorporate optimized content to help get your website found.

Apart from that, we have also been at the forefront of the mobile responsive movement. Having a mobile responsive website simply means that you are able to cast a wider net over your target market because the medium allows you to take advantage of our ever growing mobile culture.

Recent studies have also shown that a mobile responsive website could spell the difference between a completed and successful sales transaction from one that isn’t. We are confident that we will be able to handle any issues pertaining to web development. Quite simply, this is what we do.

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