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Google is looking at your website and giving you a grade and its our job as a Plano SEO Company to make sure your grade improves. One of those grades is called domain authority. Ranging from 0 to 100, domain authority is the number which determines the ranking or placement of your website on search engines. Obviously this is a big deal and the higher the number the better the placement result. There are plenty of factors and determinants that go into play to earn your site’s domain authority even though not all of them are publicly known. Fortunately, we know of many proven steps you can take to begin the process of improving and growing your domain authority.  And that means higher placement in search results.

I know, I know, you read articles and e-books on improving your website’s domain authority.  And, you might have discovered how on-page SEO gets glossed over and frankly over simplified way too often. This is THE mistake many people make when trying to improve their SEO  because you simply cannot build a solid and natural domain authority without first starting with the foundation and factors that are n your control…your website!  So, let’s take a look.

Internal Link Building With Plano SEO Company

At its core, the fundamentals of building domain authority begin by ensuring that you have links from your internal content pieces to other related pieces of internal content. Don’t go overboard by linking to dozens or worse hundreds of different pages or sites on any given article or post within your own website, but do be sure to include a couple of structured links in every article or blog post that points to another related and helpful page on your website.  That’s good linking.

Be Sure You Have a Sitemap for Good SEO

Without a sitemap it will be a much larger challenge for search engines to find and rank your content and can cost valuable time when it comes to SEO. If you’re not ready for this task, you might want to talk with an SEO professional and pay them to set up a sitemap and optimize your robots.txt file. It is that important.

If your business has a WordPress website, (and you’re crazy if you don’t) there are plugins that might help; Google XML sitemap, better Google XML sitemap, or Yoast SEO for WordPress.  These plugins may do the trick if set up and configured correctly. Be sure to select only one, because installing more than one sitemap plugin can wreak havoc and cause issues with your site.

Other On-Page SEO Factors to Consider

Improving the navigability and user experience of your website and its URL structure are two other main areas where you want to pay close attention. On top of these you’ll definitely want to be sure that each of your developed pages have the correct meta tags, header tags, keyword phrases (by the way, we include keyword phrase research with our SEO campaigns) that are relative to your goals, optimized and corresponding images with the best alt tags, and that your content is beneficial and detailed for your audience. Do invest in quality content!


If you’re a business owner and your are tired of not getting the results you want with your current SEO Company then you owe it to yourself and your team to look around.  Simply put, you’ll have to improve your domain authority so you’ll be easily found on search engines. Following the SEO tips in this article are a good place to begin, but if you really want to kick up your game, you may consider hiring a Plano SEO Company.


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