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Plano Local SEO Tips and Info

What is local SEO in Plano

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SEO, search marketing, local SEO, local search…WHAT GIVES ANYWAY!?

Well, there really is a lot to it but I’m here to help clear up some things and keep it simple.  In everyday terms SEO basically means to have a method in place so when people want to find a store, subject or even a restaurant then the most closely matched results pop up on the results page.

Local SEO in Plano is even more important because in local search those who are doing the searching want to find results nearby so they can go do business.  The reason it’s so very important to be active in your SEO or search campaign is because people use Google and their phones to find stuff every day, and YOU do it too!

There are some things you need to know about your SEO campaign and if you’re getting your monies worth with your current service provider. We’ll take a look at some now.

Keyword Research and Competition Analysis

When it comes to the onset of your SEO campaign one of the first things that must be done is keyword research and competition analysis.  Keyword research is when a detailed study is done on your business, products and services to find out exactly what people are typing in to their keyboard or phone to find your service. The better and more detailed (long tail keywords) the search the better the placement and results for moving forward.

A long tail keyword is a root keyword that has been narrowed by certain search terms: pink pajama bottoms=short, whereas pink pajama bottoms with tie strap waist and ankles and stripes is long and much more specific.

Let’s not forget about the competition analysis. There are dozens and dozens of metrics we can get from checking out your competition and yes, it’s fair.

If you’re going up against a well-established taco joint (we all love tacos) in Frisco and you’re in Frisco too, then, Houston! We Have a Problem!  Right? Maybe not…check this out.

You can also take advantage of local SEO in Plano which is right next to Frisco and get some customers. After a time of establishing your authority in Plano the simply add Frisco to the list. Because you already have authority in Plano then gaining exposure in Frisco will not seem like such an uphill battle.  We do this all the time when it’s helpful.

The point is simply this, learn from others who are successful at their tasks and ventures…how many time have you heard that one?

What About SEO Tools Getting Them Setup

Yep, TOOLS ARE IMPORTANT! Tools are our road map for SEO success. Look at it like this, say I invite you over for dinner (that’s a lie…it’ll be a beer) and you don’t know where I live.  What’s the very first thing I ask you?

Where Are You?

See, if I don’t know where you are how can I possibly get you where you want to be? Some of the most critical tools you’ll want installed are:

Tablet with charts on on table

 Google Analytics (video),                               Google Search Console (video).

These two tools alone can mean a tremendous difference in how you will be able to place yourself in front of your best tuned and most likely to buy audience.

Your SEO professional should install these or gain access at the onset of your campaign to best take you where you want to go…it’s the roadmap to success.

On Page Optimization

Of course on page optimization goes without saying…actually it doesn’t. You gotta have it in place and here’s why. One of the first things to happen in the SEO or search marketing world will be in how Google will start checking things out about your site. This means your website and how it’s put together with all the images, alt tags, keywords, site structure, URL mapping, linking, xml site mapping, and all the other stuff that goes with it. In a nutshell, there are many elements that go into place to pull it all together. For example, if we went back to 1966 and purchased a Mustang with a Hi-Po 289 that’s awesome! But, if I built one today with my teenage daughter’s help, good luck on keeping up.

Having a new website built is one thing and hopefully its good but then having that site optimized for best performance, fast load times and the right keywords is a whole new ball game.

Run a site speed test HERE to find out if you’re stuck in the ‘80’s.

When your SEO service provider takes your project, be sure to ask for a Work Performed and a Monthly Service Report to show what’s happening. Should be no a issue to provide.

SEO Citation Setup and Audit

Citations. No, not the crappy Chevrolet back in the day. This is an internet and Google thing. A citation is anywhere online, especially a directory; where your business Name, Address and Phone are listed…a.k.a. NAP.

This is pretty important because Google can see where your NAP is on your website and other social. So, creating confusion by not having it all match is the same as having multiple phones or addresses for a business you want to contact. You’ll get frustrated and move on to the next search result.

Audits can be performed to find out what and where your NAP info is as well as provide a map to get it fixed. This is a time consuming process and can often take 2-6 weeks simply due to the many dozens and dozens of listings…in this case it’s about man hours and should NOT be overlooked.

Building Your Local SEO Campaign in Plano

There really is a lot to building your local SEO in Plano and it needs to be taken seriously. Just because your competition is ranking well and your not does not mean you can’t take their position. We do this all the time for our clients at Dallas Media Production.

We’ve taken machine shops from page 63 to page 1, fire line companies from non-existent to multiple positions on page one and even repositioned local spas to start getting new customers in Addison.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn and our Blog so you can get more insight about how local SEO in Plano can equate to more paying customers in your door.

Contact Us for a consultation and find out how your online presence can make you more sales.

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