Social Media Marketing Domination for Plano Local Businesses

Social Media Marketing Services Available to Plano Local Business

Human interaction is a daily driver for building brand equity with social media marketing in a Plano Local Business. When it gets right down to the wire, nothing beats being there at the grassroots level and interacting with your customers when they are online.

At Blue Mule Marketing with our social media analytics at the helm to measure and guide the results, it’s now possible for your brand to grow online at far greater scales than ever before. Connect with your online customers on a more personal level and WIN!

Will Social Media Marketing Work for My Business?

Studies have shown that social media customer acquisition is more than 62% higher when teamed with a solid website design. You’re more likely to get a customer to actually purchase through social media when you have all your ducks in line and combine those efforts with a local SEO plan.

The problem is that managing social media accounts can get tedious very quickly. Responding, managing, and updating on a regular basis will eat away at your precious time, removing you from your core business processes. You’ll need a new employee, train them, pay more in taxes, worker’s compensation, insurance, and don’t forget about the liability.

Let us handle your social media marketing at less than the cost of a new employee…OH, and we’re accountable too!

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Responding, managing, and updating on a regular basis is critical to your branding efforts.

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Who uses Social Media Anyway?

90% of millennials (generation born between 1982 and the early 2000’s) search and trust businesses having a positive social media branding and presence online. When was the last time you Googled something and the search results didn’t yield a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ page? If you’re looking for an established business, 9 times out of 10, the results would be populated by their site followed by their social media profiles.

We Master Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Our social media Marketing experts don’t just manage your social media presence. We go the extra mile to take care of your brand. We optimize your social media profiles and pages to maximize the effect on your brand and increase your online equity.

Your business must have the same identity and branding as your social media profiles. Leverage your business’s online assets like content marketing across multiple channels. Promote your services and let the people know about your promos, what you do and where you are through platforms that are easily accessible to your target demographic.

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