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You may be asking, “What’s the difference between organic SEO services and local SEO services?”

Organic SEO and organic search usually refers to search terms (what people type or speak into their phone) that my not always be local or city specific. Like this for example, someone may search for, “How to install a garbage disposal” which is very different than, “local plumber who installs garbage disposals.”

The first term is information driven whereas the second is service and problem driven and is based on the searcher location…which Google already knows.

in 2018 Google performed about 3,000 improvements as to how it works.  That’s about 9 per day. This makes is critical for you to work with a professional agency who understands how to put together the best organic SEO services and keep you on top of your competition.

The internet is growing daily and everyone get’s more specific and demanding with every search they perform. You can trust the team at Blue Mule Marketing with your success. As a winning organic SEO company we’ll use our proven organic SEO strategies to drive your marketing system.

Our organic SEO services will build your brand and your business

Let’s face it…people use Google to search for everything and anything. When was the last time you logged into Facebook to search for “Emergency Plumber?”  We use search engines like Google so much that we even talk to them. Oranic SEO services are here to stay and it’s our job to put you out front.

At the heart of a successful organic SEO service campaign are two main things:

  1. Organic keyword research – we simply must know how people are using Google (organic search) to find you online. 
  2. Competitive research and analysis – we “spy” on you top competitors and find areas they missed to quickly get you on top.
  3. Quality backlink partnerships – Google will rate your “authority based on how many other respected site link to yours. We help make this happen.
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Why invest in organic SEO services?

If you’re asking yourself, “Why do I need SEO for my business?”, the answer is simple: Google search optimization means harnessing the power of website SEO services for your business to get found more frequently and get more customers. In taking advantage of organic SEO services, you’re also establishing your brand authority online and gradually earning the trust of your audience. In time, you might even be considered an authority in your industry.