Local SEO Pricing that's Easy to Understand

Local SEO Pricing Plans for Digital Marketing

At Blue Mule Marketing we know what it feels like when you need to know the local SEO pricing plans for your monthly budget.  No one wants to work so hard finding the right digital marketing agency and valuable invest a ton of time only to hear,

“Let me work up a quote and get back to you.”

That’s why all our services are priced up front and in a very fair way. No surprises and no gimmicks.  Just good old fashioned working performance you can measure and top notch customer service like nowhere else.  Our testimonials prove that!  

All packages are designed to help fit your budget and your local marketing goals.  Want to establish a strong foundation faster with extra blogging, get found on local search and mobile search faster with additional citation growth, or maybe your social media or video presence is weak compared to your competition, we can help in a big way.

See our suite of premium digital marketing services.

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Maintenance and Support

In the course of your website’s lifetime, you may very well expect it to evolve into other more sophisticated forms beyond simply containing product information and contact details. As your business grows, so should your website in order to faithfully reflect this growth.

Throughout all this, we promise to be there to give your website the support and maintenance that it needs. We’ll take care of those pesky bugs that may find its way to your website. We’ll also beef up online security so you can be sure it’s protected and well-guarded from ill-meaning fiends like viruses and hackers.

Your website will look every bit as if it were being run by pros because, well, it is.
If you have questions and if you want to know more, feel free to contact us at (214) 760 – 3854.